“The Tales of Sage and Savant” Retrospective

“The Tales of Sage and Savant” Retrospective

Oh, because it wasn’t going to be emotional enough to be finishing up my first-ever show, it had to go and be a doozy of an ending! Well, to be fair, I knew it was coming – not just the fact that it would end after four seasons, but how it would conclude. Eddie had known how it had to end since at least halfway into the third season. But even having time to prepare for it didn’t keep it from being a hard read.

“The Tales of Sage and Savant” brought me a lot of firsts – my first time narrating, my first time performing a character voice, and my first live performances. I have fond memories (and gigs of photos) from Clockwork Alchemy. I even got fan-art!

Many thanks to the artist, Jenny Björklund!

It wasn’t always good times, though my biggest problems were the technical aspects of recording audio on a Macbook that, inexplicably, does not have audio input capability in its 3.5mm port, or just plain sleep deprivation on a roadtrip performance long weekend. I will always be proud to have created four seasons of time travel sci-fi with a less convoluted timeline than Terminator (or, hell, Halloween – and that one isn’t even time travel).

It’s a comfort, knowing that there are still books to come. Chip and Eddie both assure us that “Sage and Savant” was not the end of Twinstar. And WiFiSciFi is still upcoming – though, thanks to COVID-19, it is postponed indefinitely.

But after that? Who knows that the future has in store…

4 thoughts on ““The Tales of Sage and Savant” Retrospective

  1. The tales continue in our heart and in our head. Sience is not the only thing that conquers time. So does heart. I fell in love with 4 charecters a while back, and i was lucky enough to meet and love the people who brought these charecters to life.

    What happens in the future? I wish i knew but you will always be family to me! Theres 3 more books to be recorded for audible that will need a humble narrator! But more importantly im just hoping you 4 continue to work together in projects for many years to come!

    1. WordPress needs a “like,” lol. I don’t have anything to add, but thank you so much for your kind words, your listenership (is that even a word?), and I hope that whatever else comes, you’ll be there, and enjoy it. (Guess I did have something to add, after all) :p

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